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Currently: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, BitcoinSV, Dashcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, and Ethereum.

We offer the most secure and easy to use system on the market to transfer crypto to cash at point-of-sale. Appeal to a larger volume of consumers.

Usually a transaction can take anywhere from 2-6 seconds.

There are multiple types of virtual wallets available. Some are apps, others are printed on a physical piece of paper, some are even stored on a specialized USB stick. For best user experience, freedom of trade and instant access to your balance, we recommend using a wallet app on your phone. There are many great options such as BRD Wallet, MetaMask and BitPay available on iOS and Android.

OUR FEES ARE PAID BY YOUR customer (not the business) a competitive transaction rate of 5%.

With up-to-date exchange rates, we can constantly provide your customers and you with up-to-the-second cryptocurrency rates, ensuring that they always get the most current rate for their dollar.

There is NO TRANSACTION FEE. The charge to the Merchant's client is an industry minimum of only 5%. For some accounts, however, there is a $70 per month rental charge for the physical Crypto Debit Machine.