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Accept Cryptocurrency Payments at Your Physical Location.

Contact us to rent hardware or bring your own device to use the CDPI app. You have the choice. 

Become the preferred shopping destination for cryptocurrency users. With the Crypto Debit Machine, businesses and individuals may start accepting various forms of cryptocurrency with the option of fiat conversion with your local currency deposited into your account.

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No Price Volatility: Our exchanges are virtually instant and therefore price volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies need not burden the consumer or the merchant.

Fast Bank Settlement: Crypto Debit PoS Transactions are completed in seconds. Real-time bank settlements directly deposited into your account and converted into your local currency.

Top Tier Security: Businesses and individuals can rest easily knowing their transactions are protected and secured on the blockchain network.

What We Do

E-commerce payments: CDPI enables businesses to accept major cryptocurrencies with secure, fast transactions via Hyperledger, Blockchain, RippleNet, and Lightning Network, providing real-time crypto-to-fiat conversion.

Point of Sale (POS): You can effortlessly purchase goods/services with crypto at stores using CDPI’s Crypto Debit POS, enabling fast, secure crypto-to-fiat transactions, and real-time settlements.

Remittances: CDPI’s remittance solution enables global money transfers using major cryptocurrencies, with convenient withdrawal options and currency conversion.